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“What ____________ Looks Like | Lifestyle Project

Although I don’t join this circle every month, I adore this project because it gently nudges me to pick up the camera at home and document a little snippet of real life with these kids of mine.  I’m honored to be with a group of extremely talented friends and I invite you to visit each […]

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The Beauty Project

  As I sit down to type this blog post, I’m reminded, for the fifteenth time this week, that I have got to find a pair of nail clippers to hack off my paint-stained-desperately-needing-a-trim fingernails.  But every time that thought pops in my mind, I’m always busy doing something else; making dinner, running kids to […]

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Mine | High School Graduation 2013

Last week was a whirlwind of craziness as our oldest graduated from high school.  It was an emotional week but we made it through and she is the proud new owner of a high school diploma.  All eyes are now on college prep for the fall.  But I wanted to post a few personal pics […]

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