Corporate Head Shot | Bay Area Head Shot Photographer

The real estate market is crazy here in the Bay Area.  One day things are moving slowly and the next, there’s a wave of activity.  The wave of activity has remained steady this spring and into the summer so far.  Homeowners are busy buying and selling homes all over the Bay.  As an agent, Jan Orsi of Better Homes Realty Lafayette, knows just how important it is to stay current, not only with the ever-changing real estate climate, but with her own community presence.   Last week she came into the studio to update her head shots to something more contemporary and current.  It was a quick and easy 20 minute session resulting in 15 gorgeous images.  If you’re a professional with head shots more than 5 years old, please consider taking the time and making the investment to come in and update your pictures.  Having a strong and engaging online presence is essential to your business success these days.  And if you’re in the market to buy or sell in the Bay Area, please give Jan a call!

san francisco bay area head shot photographer

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