“What April Looks Like” | Bay Area Photographer

April was a mish-mash of miscellany.  Most of which I didn’t have my camera with me to document.  Those few times I did bring my camera are recorded in this post along with a few sessions that are more posed than lifestyle but they’re all personal projects so I’m counting those a part of our life in April.

When you reach the end of this post, please continue on to the amazing Andrea Hanki of Pink Sugar Photography.  She is crazy talented and I’m always inspired by her perspective.

summer Murdock - oh my…the first few of your daughter are stunning! Love the brigde shots as well…such talent Wendy

amy grace - wendy, miscellany can be beautiful. it’s usually the truth of our lives, and i find it rather in keeping with this project. rather than force it, just to share it as it was…and really, the portraits alone could work, on their own. i am not a big gasper, but i did when i looked at the portraits of your daughter. she is the kind of beautiful that blooms, and you seem to know it and her from every angle and truth there is. the quiet of your younger son, the connection you have, too, is breathtaking. and your young MAN. i can only try to imagine how that feels :) what a wonderful day the workshop must have been. it was nice to see ryan’s smiling face next to yours. you never, ever fall short wendy. and your logo is such a perfect masthead. xoxo

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