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This month is a mishmash of miscellany.  As I went through these images, I obviously didn’t pull my camera out much when I was with my two older kids.  This month is definitely heavily about my youngest two.  We spent as much time as we could outside but, as February usually goes, much of our daylight hours were spent inside.  We’re itching for spring over here!

Please continue our little circle this month by visiting the lovely Shannon Sewell to get a peek into her life.


Stacey Woods - Wendy these are wonderful!!! I love the dramatic light in the tent, and the casual, artful way you’ve photographed your older kids simply being themselves and doing what they love. I’m crazy over the little mirrors over your piano! My little ones also get more camera love these days than my oldest does. Such beautiful work, friend. As always.

andrea - those piano images — just wow!! and that post bath touseled hair smirk, perfection. thanks for sharing your month with us. xo.

amy grace - wendy, i feel like these are so cohesive, that they are special moments and portraits, strung together by quiet, trust, their real selves, and lovely light. i have played piano my whole life, and i am particularly taken with the images of your son at his. how beautifully framed and lit and composed. and then the tent, and with the dog, and those intense and trusting looks your children give you. i think that may be at the heart of why i love these. that as they have grown older, into themselves and the world, they still let you in, so open and authentic. every month, i feel like i really know you after these posts. it’s a wonderful thing. xoxo

kate t. parker - i love these.

Kara May - Love seeing these real life moments. Such a great mix of moments! Beautiful post!

Lindsey Bergstrom - these are so sweet…I still just love looking at your images because I love peeking into the lives of your older children. I love the one of your son at the breakfast table…I am sure that is something you will remember.

shannon sewell - love them all.. but those fort pictures- PERFECT!!! :)

Jules - I always love seeing the beauty in your month. love the boys in the fort … cool lighting and so much fun! I love that your sweet dog gets to be an equal star in your images … so darling!

Summer Murdock - Love these…the tent, the sheet, the dog. You given me a glimpse into your lives and I love it.

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