On the other side of the camera

My family will be the first to tell you how much I strongly dislike being in front of the camera.  I have issues about my double chin and other parts of me that I’d rather keep behind the lens.  It takes a skilled photographer to take a picture of me that I love.  But when when my friend Holly contacted me and told me that she’d be in town and asked if I wanted to film a video for my website, I threw all of those insecurities out the window.  Why?  Because she is an incredible photographer and has the same amount of talent for film making.  And because I am in love with the idea of a short video, as opposed to a photograph, as a way for prospective clients to get a feel for who I am, both as a photographer and as a person.

Working with Holly was seamless and fun and so much easier than I imagined.  Working together we were able to create a film that truly showcases what I do and how I do it.  It’s crazy how perfectly this video represents me.  From the green in my jacket to the love I have for the ocean to the laughter that always seems to happen during a session.

If you’re a photographer, I highly recommend having a promo video made for your brand.  And if you’re not a photographer, Holly also does short films for families, engagements, seniors, events, and corporations.  She lives in a sweet little town in Utah but is happy to travel often to create these films.  Please contact Holly Christine Imagery for her travel schedule and for more information.







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