“What January Looks Like” | Lifestyle Project 2013

Just a glimpse at what our month looked like.  With a house full of boys, there’s always some pick up game happening.   An outtake from my daughter’s senior portrait session, a meet-up in San Francisco with dear friends Jules and B as well as Gail, and various randomness round out the rest.

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When you’ve reached the end of this post, I hope you will continue through our circle by following the links.  You’re sure to be inspired by the talent in our beautiful group.

Next up, the lovely Kate T Parker Photography.

brenda - WOWZA Wendy! You hit it out of the park! First off, can I just say your processing is AH-MAZING! I adore the rich deep tones so much! And the shot of the three of you is my fav…3 wonderful and sweet souls in one photo. Oh and I had a giggle to see them washing your pup in the shower…it’s good to know I’m not the only one that does it. It makes for a much easier clean up. :)

amy grace - wendy, there is so much energy in this life of yours. all of these souls, doing their own dances, growing and strong and independent. it’s a beautiful thing, getting this inside glimpse into family, the connections and craziness and grace. it is really so much FUN even just looking. and i saw a couple of familiar faces. how wonderful to be able to connect in real life, all of you lovely people at once, in my favorite place on earth. thank you for sharing your world…xoxo

shalonda - oh my heavens wendy! such a full and rich month…shoot what a full and rich LIFE! i adore the easy y’all seem to do so much yet seem to take in every single breath all at once. and that soup shot…INSANE!!!!!!

Melinda - Wow Wendy! That senior portrait shot, with the skirt and the hair: GOLDEN! Seriously such a great shot!

Summer Murdock - Wendy, you capture the life so awesomely. Love that jumping tramp shot, the one of your daughter getting into the car is brilliant. I’m sure you see a lot of that at this time in her life. Love all the hoop shots and of course it’s awesome to see Jules in there too!

Sarah c - Wendy!! Love so much how you can tell a story with no words!! These are beautiful!! You have the most stunning family but that’s no surprise as you are such a gorgeous woman in every sense Possible! Love so very much!

Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - What a fun adventurous month you had. Love that last shot of your son. And jealous of that shot w/ Jules and Gail, I bet you guys had a blast!

Kara May - Wow, you had a very busy fun, energy filled month! Amazing what you were able to capture. I love the energy in these images. Very well done and a beautiful post!!

Lindsey Bergstrom - what a great set. you really do an amazing job at capturing it all. I love the one of your daughter getting into the car you took through the blinds. Just something I know I will be doing when mine is old enough (scary thought). And the one of your son and husband at breakfast…I am sure seems mundane but so worth remembering. Love it all (such great colors)

leah - your months are so full and fun. at least they look it! super happy that you and jules got to spend time together. what fun! and we take our new labordoodle to the shower too! your pup looks so sweet. love that last shot looking through the pipe and the steam from the soup. and oh yes, that dim BW one, face lit by an electronic. great month wendy!! xo

tracey - Love the hoops shots, the breakfast table with the Kix cereal box…looks almost like an ad for Kix! Ha!

Life with Kaishon - Your dog is adorable. Oh my word. I am super jealous of your nice warm weather : ). So many happy moments.

jules - I love this month of yours … I especially love it that we got to share a brief afternoon of it. I can’t wait to see more of m’s senior session … this one is gorgeous (and such a tease)! love seeing the one of her getting into the car. I am already sad thinking she’ll be off to college so soon. love you friend! xoxo

andrea - you have such a beautiful family wendy. i love how full of life your month was — particularly those basketball images and the peek through the blinds at your girl. looking forward to seeing what february was like through your eyes :)

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