Throw Back Thursday | Hello 1895

This week’s Throw Back Thursday post is the oldest photograph in the bunch.  It’s dated back to 1895 (the year the world’s very first movie theater opened in Paris).  I love it not only because it’s old but because the look on these kids’ faces are similar to my kids when I ask them for a picture.  I imagine these kids were busy working or playing and had no desire to stop for a picture.  But I love the fact that they did and the picture is being handed down from generation to generation.  That would never have been possible if the photo had never been printed.  Here’s the story from my mother-in-law, Charlotte:


The five children are my grandmother and her siblings around 1895 in front of their house in a tiny village south of Vienna, Austria. From left to right are: Ferdinand, who later emigrated to Milwaukee, USA; Karola, the oldest girl, who never married, although I was told she had an unhappy love affair in her youth; Emil was the oldest, and he joined the military and became a lieutenant as far as I know; he got married, and his daughter married an American soldier after WWII and moved to Los Angeles; next is Marie (or Mitzi), who married a rich older banker who died soon and left her all his money; and, finally, Josefine, my grandmother, the practical one. Two other siblings, Laura and Paula, were born after the picture was taken.

Now go and print those photos!


C o n t a c t   M e