Throwback Thursday | Valentine’s Day Style

Last week I started a blog project featuring some of the photographs my husband inherited from his grandmother.  I’m hoping to encourage people, me included, to print their images more often.

I thought this photo would be perfect for Valentine’s Day.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a fan of Downton Abbey but I’m kinda sorta intrigued with the clothing of this period.  That hat is awesome and I adore how people used to dress-up more often.

Here’s what my mother-in-law had to say about it:

This has to be a wedding photo of my grand-aunt Mitzi. She was one of seven children raised in a very small town near Vienna. The family was not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, and all the daughters had to go into service with well-to-do families in Vienna. She was the prettiest of all of them, and found a rather rich, though much older husband, who, in turn, ended up helping out all the other sisters when they came to seek their luck in the big city. At least, that’s the saga I heard growing up. The husband died rather soon, leaving Mitzi with a sizable pension. Her only daughter married a lawyer and lived a comfortable life also.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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