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What ____ Looks Like | February

This lifestyle project is one of my very favorite personal projects that I’ve continued from 2011.  Lifestyle photography is my favorite way of capturing memories of my family and I’m happy to be able to share that on my blog and with my small, yet incredibly talented, circle of fellow photographers. One of our favorite […]

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Homework | Danville Lifestyle Photographer

I’ve learned quite a bit since having my first child 16 years ago.  I was the typical first-time mom, referencing my every move in “What To Expect the First Year”.  Worrying over every little sniffle and feeding her every three hours on the hour no matter what.  Wow!  If I could do it all over […]

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{elevate} a Fine Art Photography Exploration | February

FOG I love it!  Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, our mornings are often blanketed with thick fog.  It lasts until just about the time I drop off the last of my kids at school.  I can not tell you how many mornings I’ve been driving through the fog on carpool duty loooooonging to […]

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Just in Case | Danville California Photographer

Just in case you ever doubt your creativity… I love this quote.  It reminds me that no matter who we are, how old or young or short or tall, male or female, librarian or programmer, artist or salesperson, student or teacher, we all CREATE. Never doubt yourself.  Just keep going… Happy Sunday!

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