Art Display Project 2012 | Danville Photographer

One of my favorite things about “after Christmas” is taking down and putting away Christmas.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m just as enthusiastic to put it up the first of December.  But I just relish the feeling of “clean” and “orderly” and “clutter-free” when Christmas is packed away again for another year.  It helps me prepare for the new year and new goals and a fresh start.  And I find that when everything is packed away back into the garage, I get the itch to rearrange furniture and redecorate a little.  For me January is a month of new beginnings.

This past year, my goal has been to print and display more of my own art/images in my home.  I found that I spend the majority of my “work time” shooting, editing, and printing  clients’ work and , while I do spent lots of time shooting for myself, my own personal images are often left on my hard drive hoping to one day see the light of day. I wanted to print and display the pictures of my own kids so that they could enjoy them in our home.  I also wanted to offer ideas for clients who may be struggling with how to use the images from their own sessions in their homes.  Once I made that my goal, I was perplexed as to where and how to display them.  I scoured the internet and Pinterest looking for inspiration.  And while I found many ideas, it sparked a curiosity of how my friends have used and displayed photographs in their own homes.  And how many, like me, haven’t.

So, I’ve invited 32 of my fellow photographer friends to guest blog here every day during the month of January and share how they use and display their own photographs in their homes.  I hope you’ll come by and get ideas and inspiration from these talented women to use in your own homes!

Tomorrow I will kick off the project and the new year with Joyce Smith of Joyce Smith Photography!

Happy New Year!

C o n t a c t   M e