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Simply Smitten | Bay Area Commercial Photographer

I come from a family of all girls.  I grew up playing with Barbies and dressing up in my mom’s frilly gowns and high heels.  My grandmother had a stash of costume jewelry that fascinated us along with a dresser full of lipsticks and nail polishes that we spent hours applying during summer vacation.  I […]

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Fifty-two Fridays | Danville California Photographer

I almost can’t believe there are only 10 weeks left of this project!  But then again, I kind of can believe it because I’m feeling the burn-out starting to set in as I’m in the midst of busy season.  But I promised myself I’d see this project through to the very end and I’m determined […]

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Mini Encore | Danville California Photographer

I’ve been in the editing trenches for the last week finishing my mini session galleries. I wanted to share a couple from this beautiful family who were wonderful to work with.  You may remember this sweet baby from her newborn session.  I love  being able to see these tiny ones grow up and watch their […]

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Fifty-two Fridays | Night | Danville, California Photographer

This year I’ve teamed up with 19 fabulously talented photographers in a project called Fifty-Two Fridays.  Each week we have a theme and our challenge is to post an image that best represents that theme.  Every week the end of the year is creeping closer and closer and I continue to be inspired and pushed […]

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