Fifty-two Fridays | Week 31 | San Francisco Bay Area Child Photographer

This year I’ve teamed up with 19 fabulously talented photographers in a project called Fifty-Two Fridays.  Each week we have a theme and our challenge is to post an image that best represents that theme.  We are more than half-way through the year and I continue to be inspired and pushed creatively by my fellow photographers.

This week’s theme:

FUNNYI had something completely different posted Thursday night.  Then I went to tuck the boys into bed and saw this gem and knew I had to use it for this week.

Be sure to stop by my fabulous and talented friend, Jasmine Sargent – Hazen, North Dakota Photographer to see the funny she came up with this week!


Happy Weekending!!!


Patricia - This is sure funny! Love your composition!

Gina Oh | Gina Maxine Photography - you have such an amazing eye!! love this!!

Stacey S - So awesome and fun how you noticed and captured this!

Amy Mae - Ha! That’s awesome, Wendy! Great capture. Almost looks like Honest Abe!

Fifty-Two on Friday Week 31|Phoenix Children’s Photographer « Tucson Wedding, Family, Baby, Senior Photographer – Stephanie Moore Studios - […] It’s Friday again which means it’s time for our fifty-two week project. This week our theme is funny! At lot of funny moments happen in my job. I have definitely had funny moments with newborns and bowel movements. They don’t seem so funny at the time, but looking back they are pretty hilarious. I also am constantly laughing when I am trying to give some direction and they dont understand, I have had some pretty funny poses because of miscommunication. I am so grateful for my awesome clients because we are always laughing and joking together. My job definitely has it’s funny moments. I am blessed to have a daughter who is a natural behind the camera. She takes some gorgeous photos and really is just patient and fun to work with. But one thing I have learned through the years, is after 5 minutes I have to give her “her time”. What that means is she needs a moment to pose herself or do goofy pictures. She has so much energy to get out and this is the best way for her to do it. I recently did this shoot with her for her almost 7 year old Birthday, and I just love the outtakes we got. This was just her letting her energy out and me snapping away. She always makes sure I am really taking pictures when she is goofy, she loves to show them to her dad. I will post the pictures from our session next week but for now, enjoy our funny outtakes. Now head over to my talented friend Wendy’s site to see her take on funny. Wendy Vonsosen|Bay Area Photographer […]

Jasmine - Hahah! That is great!

Sara T - Oh I LOVE this! My favorite one this week!

hope - oh that’s perfect! LOVE it.

maureenwilson - LOL!!

Val Spring - Oh you’ve got to be kidding me! This is the funniest picture ever! H I L A R I O U S ! Love the way you think! xo

Stephanie MOore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - OK this is so hilarious. And i love even more that it was by happen chance, so funny!

Erin Bunting - Hahaha!!! Love this picture!!! :)

Kelsey {Las Vegas Wedding Photographer} - That is funny! Great shot for this week!

Melanie Pitcher - I love the spontaneous inspiration you draw from your kids for this project! It’s so great to be able to recognize a moment when you see one!

aubry {phoenix az photographer} - this just proves what a creative eye you have. i wish i could see things the way you can. perfect shot this week.

Jolie - Great perspective!

Shannon Harrison - Perfect for this week! Love when these kinds of things present themselves last minute. I love even more that you’re always the kind to see it :)

kara jo - hehe love what a funny expression

breeze - HAHA! Oh my gosh!!!!

jules - ha! this is hysterical! love that you found this!

Gretchen - So funny!

brenda - Too CUTE!

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