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Mama Makeovers | Danville Beauty Photographer

Mother’s Day! It’s coming up.  It always seems to sneak up on me every year.  Somewhere in my mind I think I have a free pass to just enjoy the holiday because I am “the mother” and for once I don’t have to be “in charge” of a holiday.  But then I remember that not […]

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Fifty-two Fridays: LIGHT | Bay Area Photographer

This one is for anyone who’s ever had a sleepless night and found themselves basking in the beckoning light of the refrigerator.   To catch up on past weeks;  PASTEL, TEXTURE, PINK, FRIENDSHIP, EYES. I can not wait to see what my sweet friend, Val Spring | The red balloon photography-Seattle Portrait Photographer came up […]

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20 on Tuesday News

I love Tuesdays!   It’s been almost a year since I started my weekly feature of interviewing fellow photographers from all over the world.  In fact, my 20 on Tuesday Anniversary is fast approaching in a month or so and I’ve got lots of fun surprises planned for it!  I look forward to Tuesdays and […]

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Fifty-two on Friday: Week 16 | Bay Area Photographer

  What a perfect theme for the start of Spring and the Easter season! I won’t tell you how many takes it took to get something “happy”  I will admit to bribery though. It may be spring but this day was cold, she was tired, she was hobbling around getting used to her crutches, and […]

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20 on Tuesday: Nancy Lary!

Nancy Lary and I got waaaaaay back.  Over 2 years.  OK, that’s not a looooooooong time, but it seems like we’ve known each other longer than that. Nancy and I both started out over on Clickinmoms and spent quite a lot of time there.  I knew Nancy as a web and blog designer.  Back then […]

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