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20 on Tuesday: Sara Tegman

We photographers are a strange bunch.  There are quite a few of us these days, if you haven’t noticed.  And we are all trying to “somehow stand out” and “find our unique style” and “rise above the masses”, and yadda, yadda, yadda.  It’s not surprising then that for some of us, the instinct would be […]

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Fifty-two on Friday | Simple

You can read more about our Fifty-two on Friday project HERE.   Past themes:  Self-Portrait, Black and White, & Joy There were so many things that came to mind when I was thinking about this week’s theme: Simple.  But I knew this was ‘it’ when I saw it.  We’ve been in Maui all week and I’ve […]

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20 on Tuesday: Jasmine Sargent

One of my biggest regrets so far in life has been not getting newborn pictures taken of my four kids.  Of course, they were all born before newborn photography really took hold the way it is today. And,  they were born before photography became a passion of mine so I wouldn’t have been able to […]

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Sweet Abigail | Danville Newborn Photographer

Meet Abigail She’s pretty and soft and so so new. I was thrilled when my first casting call client contacted me last night.  Since her sweet newborn was a week old today, we decided to hold her session this morning.  I ask all of my newborn clients to crank up the heat before I get […]

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Fifty-Two on Friday | Week 3: JOY

To read more about my Fifty-two on Friday project, click HERE. This week’s theme is “Joy”.  I had all kinds of ideas clattering around in my brain this week to represent “Joy”.  Unfortunately we also had a visit from the strep throat virus and my ideas did not win the battle. I chose this image […]

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