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20 on Tuesday: Desiree Hayes!

boudoir:  is a lady’s private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room. Boudoir Photography is hot right now.  And my favorite boudoir photographer is the amazing Desiree Hayes. She celebrates  the beauty of women of all shapes and sizes tastefully and beautifully.  Although I don’t shoot boudoir myself, I share the belief that all women should […]

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Hailee: Class of 2011 | Boise Senior Photographer

I am so glad I was able to finish my fabulous 2011 Senior Rep’s series of sessions before we move next week.  Hailee brought along props and fun vintage clothes for our second mini session.  I don’t think the thrill of dressing up ever gets old no matter what age we are.  Hailee, you have […]

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20 on Tuesday: Laura Brett

Newborn Photography. You either love it or hate it. Well, hate it is a pretty strong word.  But I think most photographers would agree, to be a good newborn photographer, you must have a passion for it.  It takes a commitment to time, patience, a soft touch, washable props, and the ability to “see” the […]

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Twirly Toes | San Ramon lifestyle photographer

A fabulous home plus A sweet young family up for anything plus A gorgeous warm fall afternoon equals An ideal family lifestyle session! (and a thrilled photographer) Does this gorgeous baby not look like a doll?  We could tell when she was getting excited or was just plain happy when her little toes would start […]

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20 on Tuesday: Shannon Joy Heimsoth

My passion for photography began when I wanted to learn to take fantastic pictures of my own family.  I wanted to capture my children “in the moment”.  When I joined Clickinmoms, I “met” Shannon Joy.  She was always quick to comment on my posts with encouragement.  When 2010 began, several of us started a personal […]

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