End of the year Roller Coaster

I’ve always loved roller coasters.

Well, maybe not always.  It took me until I was about 10 before I could fully enjoy and appreciate a good roller coaster.  Since then, I’ve been a huge fan.  The thrill of climbing that first hill to the exhileration of your body shooting down the steep hills to the ferocious flip flops of your stomach when you experience the corkscrews and loopedy-loops.  It’s a rush of fear mixed with joy mixed with adrenaline.  I love them!

Lately though I’ve been feeling like my life is a big roller coaster ride.

I’m not a big fan.

The end of the school year seems to do this to me every time.  The thrill of facing the end of a rigid schedule to the exhileration of attempting to juggle the wrap-up activities of 4 kids at once, to the flip flop of my stomach as I realize what isn’t getting done while I’m rushing around tying up all the loose ends.

Especially blogging.

It has fallen by the wayside this week.  Something had to give and this was it.

Do you feel this way at the end of the school year? Please tell me I’m not alone.

It’s not that I haven’t thought about blogging. Because I have.  In fact I’ve taken my camera with me to many of these end of the year events.  I just haven’t had time to sit down at the computer to think of something clever to write in addition to my random pics.

But I found about 20 minutes between events this evening to sit down and peck out a quick post.  For posterity sake if nothing else.

The first set is the second grade day-long field trip I went on yesterday.  WHY save these marathon field trips to until the end of the year???

The second set is the preschool graduation ceremony.  Yes, that’s right.  My preschooler graduated from preschool.  Even though he started half way through the school year.  And even though he’s going again next year.  Oh well.  It was cute at least.



Good luck with your end of the year roller coaster rides!!!

Kristina - I suspect that people will be blogging less during the summer. I think it’s probably a cycle.

H.K. - You are definitely not alone in the hectic schedule while school winds down. I have only one kid and I’m stressed out because apparently his schedule will become busier even with school ending.

I think I’m the only mom out there begging her teenage son to learn how to drive!

elaine - I hear ya!

One of my neglects has also been reading other people’s blogs. It just seems there are not enough hours in the day.

Enjoy the ride … hopefully it doesn’t go on too long ;)

Anita - Oh sister, you’re preaching to the choir!!
I think my time alone is still different with two in HS and one in 5th grade, so even with the rush rush of end of the year activities I’m still finding some time. The girls are done on Thursday, so only finals remain this next week. My son is done June 5, so the wind down is on.

Love the pictures!!!

Lisa C. - I’ve been such a slacker this year. I’m going to be better! We don’t get out until the beginning of July – lovely year round school.

Don’t feel bad, you’ve been better than me! I know what you mean though. I have tons of pictures and posts, but don’t have the time to actually sit down and type. Life is crazy! Bring on those lazy summer days!

The R Family Diaries - Ugh. You are so not alone- have you seen my blog lately- embarrassing.

Adorable graduate and as always, fabulous pictures!

debbie - The end of the school year wears me out every time! Great photos though.

Shawn - Cutie! He looks so tall to be so young!

Have you ever noticed how they give kids projects at the end of the year? Wha? Like we have the time or ENERGY to deal with that!

Susan - A couple years ago, Abby’s preschool teacher told us that she doesn’t do a Christmas program – it’s too busy a time of year. Instead, she does a Mother’s Day program in May. It didn’t help! Doesn’t she know that May is just as busy as December with all its wrap-up activities.

Lorena - I love your kids! Great pictures, Wenderful. Tell me the secret of labeling the pictures. I like that!

Joanna Jenkins - I feel your end of school pain and I don’t even have kids! Blogging time always seems like the first to go in a crunch!

I stopped by from SITS and wanted to say hi. Your blog is terrific. I’ll be back again soon.

Jennifer P. - yours was the last blog I had to catch up on—the bad part about having a name that starts with W on an alphabetical list.

I feel the pull to blogging but the inability to do it justice lately as well. My yard and my kids seem to want me too much lately. I think I’ll try a few late nights :).

Glad you’re having so much fun. The pictures were too cute!!!

I’m going to go read about 2 weeks worth of posts now—-and you know I will too :)

Sherine - Luckily blogging is very forgiving:) Most of us will all be here when you do your marathon catch up posts/collages. good thing pictures can sometimes tell the best stories!

Mindy - I miss you! I am so glad that I will still have your blog to see pictures and hear the updates. And, yes. I definitely feel the roller coaster, too, right now. It is all changing for the summer.

Come over for lunch someday and we will let the boys have a blast while you, me, and Maddie catch up. Keep in touch!

Sara - I’m a few years away from the year end rush. Even the teen has been pretty calm. She will be a freshman next year. We will see.

Great pictures! Love the hat captures and the writing on the pictures.

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