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Time Flies!…

I’m feeling old. I can’t believe I have a daughter starting high school in the fall.  Where does all the time go?  I distinctly remember the day, fourteen years ago, when we brought her home from the hospital in all her pink entirety.  I was thinking: “Is she really ours?” “Now what?” “What do we […]

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Me Wholeheartedly…

One can never have too many books I whole-heartedly believe that.  I hope my kids’ teachers believe it too because that’s what they’re getting on the last day of school. I spent the second half of this school year teaching art in Erik’s class.  It was way more fun than I thought it would be.  […]

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Another Onslaught and a question

It was full.  There was a birthday.  A funeral (poor Peter Rabbit).  A lake swim.  Potato guns.  A rain Storm.  Movies.  Burgers.  Bike riding. Our Memorial Day weekend in pictures: Now the question: What are you doing for end of the year teachers gifts this year??? I need some ideas.  Thanks!

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End of the year Roller Coaster

I’ve always loved roller coasters. Well, maybe not always.  It took me until I was about 10 before I could fully enjoy and appreciate a good roller coaster.  Since then, I’ve been a huge fan.  The thrill of climbing that first hill to the exhileration of your body shooting down the steep hills to the […]

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Weekend Summary

The boys took off on their annual Father-Son Camp-out on Friday afternoon.  Porta-potty and all. Maddy and I enjoyed our “girls only” time and went with some friends to the “big city” to do a little shopping and have a little dinner. We did too much shopping, ate too much food, stayed up too late, […]

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