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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Time Flies!…

I’m feeling old. I can’t believe I have a daughter starting high school in the fall.  Where does all theView full post »

Me Wholeheartedly…

One can never have too many books I whole-heartedly believe that.  I hope my kids’ teachers believe it tooView full post »

Another Onslaught and a question

It was full.  There was a birthday.  A funeral (poor Peter Rabbit).  A lake swim.  Potato guns.  A rain Storm. View full post »

End of the year Roller Coaster

I’ve always loved roller coasters. Well, maybe not always.  It took me until I was about 10 before I could fullyView full post »

Weekend Summary

The boys took off on their annual Father-Son Camp-out on Friday afternoon.  Porta-potty and all. Maddy and I enjoyedView full post »

May Article

A Great Big Thanks to everyone who visited me yesterday for my big SITS Day in the sun! I am overwhelmed that myView full post »

Welcome SITStas!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups *********************** White Sand Beaches *********************** BradView full post »

Holy Cow , did I have fun this weekend! Baby Hudson is adorable! I loved getting a taste of living in the BigView full post »


Thanks for the kudos on my pictures in the last post! Remember back when I made New Year’s Resolutions?  Yeah, IView full post »