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Monthly Archives: April 2009

My Nutty Rebuttal

I hate getting nasty comments.  Don’t you? This is the first time it’s actually happened to me, but I hateView full post »


Not bad on the guessing: jenjen said: Hmmmm, I don’t know if I want to guess… Does it involve livestock??? Yes, inView full post »

What the…?

Can you guess what we spent the better part of the day doing (or in my case watching)? Leave a comment…View full post »

Casting Call for Summer

The Theory: I think summer may just be peeking its head around the corner. The Evidence: Blossoms Daffodils FlipView full post »

Wild hog hunting, Macrame, and Couple Friends…

Do you have a lot of couple friends? Not just friends that you wave to in passing but that you truly enjoy gettingView full post »

Random, Randomer, Randomest

Still doing laundry. Is it ever really done?  Vacuuming and mopping.  Check.  I should be preparing for my Friday artView full post »

Easter Weekend in Pictures

We had a fantabulous Easter weekend with my family. My To-Do list is endless.  You know how it is.  Laundry, groceryView full post »

Happy Easter Weekending!

We’re off to visit cousins this weekend and celebrate Easter. Image by Joseph Brickey We’ve been workingView full post »

Writer's Workshop: I Used to Have Crabs

You’ll be happy to know that I finally called the boarder and Molly got second to the last spot available. View full post »


Do you ever get Distracted? There are days that I feel like Billy in The Family Circus who sets out to do somethingView full post »

Weekend in Review

A quick recap of our weekend before heading out to restock our grocery supplies and tackle the laundry. Friday wasView full post »

Back to the Bar with Jillian Michaels

Remember when I posted that I ordered The Bar Method Workout after my hip sister Ashley told me it was the hottestView full post »

I haven't Lost. My. Mind. (at least I don't think so)

A big Thanks to you guys for all your votes and input on where our future chickens will live. And to those real lifeView full post »