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My Nutty Rebuttal

I hate getting nasty comments.  Don’t you? This is the first time it’s actually happened to me, but I hate it all the same.  As soon as I it popped in my inbox,  I spouted off a reply and hit send only to receive a “failure to deliver” notice.  Apparently Allison didn’t want me replying […]

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Not bad on the guessing: jenjen said: Hmmmm, I don’t know if I want to guess… Does it involve livestock??? Yes, in fact it does.  How did you know.  H.K. said: It looks like they’re at a construction site….so, they found abandoned little kittens or weird looking bugs? Or maybe a buried treasure- if there […]

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Casting Call for Summer

The Theory: I think summer may just be peeking its head around the corner. The Evidence: Blossoms Daffodils Flip Flops Swings Casts The swing deposited Erik onto the grass without warning.  His wrist took the brunt of the fall.  And, after two days of convincing his foolish parents that there really was something wrong with […]

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Wild hog hunting, Macrame, and Couple Friends…

Do you have a lot of couple friends? Not just friends that you wave to in passing but that you truly enjoy getting together with? Everywhere we’ve lived, we’ve had good couple friends. As newlyweds, we lived down the street from Rick and Melissa.  Since neither of us had kids, we both had a dog […]

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C o n t a c t   M e