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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Home Again…

The sun was soaked, paparazzi was spotted, Mickey and Minnie were visited, the Lego inauguration was impressive, milesView full post »

A Reprieve!

We are off to check the kids out of here: To  hop onto this: Destination: and and here: (OK, not that last one. View full post »

Faking It…Part Deux

Remember a few weeks back when I went to H-E-double hockey sticks in a hand basket?  And how the one good thing thatView full post »

What-in-the-Heck Wednesday

Caught on my Flip camera at the local sports store the other day Woo hoo! Yessss! Fiiiiiiinally! I was beginning toView full post »

Pick up Lines

We’ve been married almost 16 years.  I think we’re both in it for the long haul.  Some days I find myselfView full post »

Happy Valentines Day!

I’m now writing a monthly column in our little tiny local paper.  My first one came out yesterday.  Is it at allView full post »

What's For Lunch?

I have four kids.  Two independent kids buy school lunch.   One very dependent one eats lunch at home with me becauseView full post »

To Blog or Not to Blog…That is the Question.

It’s Mamakat’s Writer’s Workshop time again.  This week’s prompt: 4.) Share some bloggingView full post »

Who's Your Super Hero?

Quiet.  Shy.  A Peacemaker.  A Pleaser. That’s how I’d describe myself growing up.  Since having 4 kids,View full post »

These pictures I take , for posterity's sake…

Things we did this week: Took one 4 year-old with me to a church meeting dressed (all day long) like this: DecoratedView full post »

Time's Up!

Wow! You ladies sure have given this chore system a lot of thought!  Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experienceView full post »

An Ode to Socks…

One sock, Two sock, Red sock, Blue sock, From the singles pile you wish you could walk Out of the laundry room to findView full post »

Mud, Allowance, and … a Giveaway!

Mud.  Dried mud.  Technically it would be called dirt, I suppose.  Whatever it’s called, someone tracked it allView full post »