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I’m not sure how you found me but thank you, Emily Jensen, for featuring my “Someday…” post as your Mini Moment in today’s Deseret News Mormon Times Bloggernacle.  I’m giddy! Have a wenderful weekend!

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Faking it…

One good thing came of the trainwreck this week. I spent some time at the second hand store searching for costume accessories.  Hey, if I was going to hack my way through the song, at least I could look good doing it.  Second-hand stores are not on my normal shopping route, although with this economy […]

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The Trainwreck…

Whew!  It’s OVER! I’ll be more careful about accepting “thesbian service opportunities”  in the future. As the curtain opened last night, who did I see but my husband and kids sitting in the back row… With a CAMERA! I was too consumed with nerves before I left to consider the possibility of my family coming […]

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I'm Going to He** in a Handbasket…

I’m Going to He** in a handbasket… Tonight… At precisely 7:00… On the stage of our church… (Get there early for good seats) It’s going to be a trainwreck. The women of our church meet once a month on a Tuesday night for a little inspiration, instruction, and calorie-laden dessert.  This month our topic is […]

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"Luke…I am your Fahtah"…

I never thought I’d have boys, let alone three of them.  They are all completely different and extraordinary and challenging and perplexing and fascinating in their own ways.  One of them could spend the entire day at home making Legos and claymation movies.  One thinks the ideal school day would involve NO recess.  And the […]

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