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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Happy Halloween!

Apologies to my democrat friends and family. Have a terrific evening and don’t forget to brush!View full post »

Thankful Thursday – 80s Edition

So, this post serves two purposes. It’s my first official Thankful Thursday post where I share a few randomView full post »

"What-in-the-heck" Wednesday

There have been many “firsts” since moving to rural Idaho. To remember them, I’ll be documentingView full post »

Tuesday Treasures!

Since Christmas has been “right around the corner” since the beginning of September when Target purgedView full post »

What are YOU gonna be?

So, today was the deadline for Halloween costume decisions here at our house. Since the kids had the day off ofView full post »

Because I'm in a Blogging Slump…

Since I’m in somewhat of a blogging slump right now and can’t think of anything clever to post about, IView full post »

Happy Fall!

Have a great weekend!View full post »

A Hometown Tour…

We’ve lived here now for about five months and the place is growing on us. It’s so far removed from how weView full post »

A 4 year old, a Spelling Lesson, and "Fresh Fruit"

This is Will.  Will is 4.  Will is a running fountain of questions.  Will likes to be answered.  If you don’tView full post »

Mom, Sorry I'm late…as usual

I’m just a day late getting to this post.  Yesterday was a little too crazy to even sit down to think.  I did atView full post »

Politics is not my thing … yet.

OK.  I’ve never really been interested in politics.  I’ve pretty much just gone with the majority withoutView full post »

Coming out of the (school) Closet

Warning: Googling an image for "coming out of the closet" = bad idea! I have a little confession to make.View full post »

Is there a teenager in the house???

Now that she’s a teenager I know there’s a reason I was blessed with only one girl.   Here are a fewView full post »