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Happy Bakers Dozen

On the Occasion of her13th birthday, I have listed thirteen things that I love about my daughter: She is my #1 helper, always capable and usually willing, whether it be watching the boys, figuring out my electronic gadgets, or putting together an outfit for me. She is enthusiastic about life. Like me, she loves any […]

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Life's Playlist

If you were to put together a short list of songs for your life, what would it look like? Here’s mine…so far. Age 6: Hanging out with my sister on a lazy Sunday afternoon, playing Husker Du, waiting for Sunday dinner while listening to Dad’s LP of Elton John’s Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. Age […]

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Home, Home on the …

Our neighbors here are a diverse group. To our left we’ve got the entrepreneurs that own all the Dairy Queens in the valley. Around the corner is a fellow homeschooling family. He’s a pilot and flies humanitarian missions. The family a few doors down runs a machine rental company. A smattering of people work for […]

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C o n t a c t   M e